Monday, February 3, 2014

Harper's Stuffed Animals

Harper has a queen size bed.  Yes, my 3 year old has a queen sized bed!  But she only sleeps on a very tiny portion of that bed because the rest of the bed is consumed with stuffed animals.

It all started with Lenny.  Harper fell in love with him and started sleeping with him at night.  Then she found a stuffed kitten and added the kitten to the mix.  Next came horse, then bunny, and then it just spiraled out of control from there.  The most recent add is the big pillow pet she got for Christmas.  And she uses it as a pillow!  None of them have names.  The names are whale, hello kitty, Minnie Mouse, pink bear, bunny, horse, Santa bear (because she got it from Santa when we went to see him), Lenny, kitty and Darcy (the giraffe).  Darcy had the name before I gave her to Harper, so I told her right away and it actually stuck!  And they all lay in her bed, under the covers, in a row, in this order.  So, you see how she doesn't have much room left?!

I know exactly where she gets this from, me!  I use to have a ton of stuffed animals growing up.  I mean tons!  And I still have most of them, in the attic!  And if this what makes her happy, then she can have as many stuffed animals as she wants.

There are also two quilts on her bed.  The bottom one was made by Kim.  She has been sleeping with it since she was 1.  The quilt on top of that was made mostly by her Great Granny with some assistance from me.  It was our very first rag quilt to make and Harper is pretty proud of it.

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